International Concept for Education

The Board of Trustees

The Board draws up the basis of the general policy management of the school and deals with its fundamental choices determining the future of the school. The Board is composed of international experts experienced in international educational matters. The members of the Board are listed below:

  • Mr Yves Aubin de La Messuzière, Chairman of the Board
  • Mr Stéphane Attali, Director General of the Superior School of Business, Beyrouth
  • Mrs Taroub Audi, Careers Adviser, Deputy Treasurer of AFLEC
  • Mr Ali Ayache, Architect and founder member
  • Mrs Andrée Daouk, Consultant, Chairwoman of AMOPA
  • Mr Bruno Halff, Chairman of AFLEC
  • Mr Rimah Hammoud, Vice-Chairman of AFLEC
  • Dr Ian Hill, former Deputy Director General of the IB Organization, Geneva
  • Mr Shafiq Khoury, founder member, Executive Director of MHK Company, Dubai
  • Mr Shoaib Khoury, founder member, CEO of MHK Company, Dubai  
  • Mrs Aliette Vandevoorde, former Superintendent of the Legion d鈥橦onneur Education School, Saint Denis
  • Mr Jean-Pierre Villeléger, Secretary General of the Board.