Introduction of the board of trustees (BOT)

The President of the Board of Trustees, Mr Yves Aubin De La Messuzi猫reI am very happy to be the President of the Board of Trustees of International Concept for Education, ICE at Dubai school.  A former diplomat, I have lived in various foreign countries, especially in several Arab countries; I was the French Ambassador to Tunisia some years ago. I was also the Director of cooperation for Language and Education at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so I am familiar with educational matters. I speak Arabic and I am familiar with the Arab culture; I know from experience how important it is, in diplomatic relations as well as in all social interactions, to be open to others, to understand and respect them and to keep calm in all circumstances. Those values are important in the world today. Our new school, ICE at Dubai, will teach them to its pupils: manners, social skills, etiquette and the respect of personal differences are an integral part of the school鈥檚 values.

The mission of our school is to educate citizens of the world, students who will be both open-minded, creative and respectful of others. Our aim is to educate citizens who will make a positive contribution to the multicultural world of tomorrow.

ICE is first and foremost a school founded on a bilingual education system as it teaches in French and in English. The French program brings in rigour and precision, personal efforts and academic excellence. The International Baccalaureate program educates the students to be autonomous, teaches them active learning and how to establish their own personal values. ICE is thus an original and innovative school that will dedicate a lot of time to teaching the Arabic language and the Arab culture to which I am personally so deeply attached. ICE is located in Dubai, in the heart of the Arab world, and it is very important that all our students know the history, the language and the culture of the country where they live.

Each student has his own personality, his talents and his potentials that the school must help develop. As a consequence, ICE accepts only a small number of students per class so as to provide to each of them the personal attention and care that he deserves and that will help him to reach his full potential in a school that fosters his well being and his success.

About ICE

ICE at a glance

The International Concept for Education of Dubaï is an innovative school, based on original foundations:

One school

One school, one direction, a common educational project: offering students of Dubaï the best education in the best optimal conditions.

Two parallel courses of studies however interlinked

  • A course of studies predominantly French, based on the French system of education, as adequately adapted in foreign countries.
  • A course of studies predominantly English based on the IB system of education, with teachers familiar with the two educational systems, which provide students with the best of their knowledge.

Three languages

  • A predominantly French language stream;
  • A predominantly English language stream.

Teaching at ICE is based on the French curriculum that is taught in the two language streams.
The pedagogical methods of the International Baccalaureate (IB) are applied in both streams.
All the teachers teach in their own native language in the two streams.

ICE distinctive features

  • Etiquette: The school is based on the learning and practice of good manners for high standard education. Etiquette, courtesy are the main keywords for our 鈥渓abel". Religion for Muslims, ethics for all others will supplement the wish to develop a life-long education.
  • Talent identification: this is an important feature of our school, which will occur from the beginning of registrations and be a feature of the daily practice of individualized teaching (steps sessions.) to achieve the full potential of each student.
  • Wellness coaching: In the same manner and approach it identifies  talents, the school will develop a path which includes health education, education for a balanced diet: The Meydan Hotel offers full functioning and use of its kitchen, its equipment and personnel available. Sports and physical activities are organized thanks to the Meydan facilities: tennis, horse riding, golf, etc.
    The arts are given a high priority by ICE. For example an art gallery allows students to develop and valorise their creativity and sensitivity.

The quality of the school environment and equipments

  • Structural surroundings offering a wide range of facilities: The school is located on an exceptional site. The racecourse park has unique facilities for sporting and relaxation. The school possesses a swimming pool on site.
    Spacious structures, located on single level: The exceptionally large classrooms (80 to110 m2) will host a reduced number of students (18 to 20 students).
  • Up-to-date technology: The school and the classrooms will be equipped with the latest high-tech amenities available for teaching: interactive boards, high quality audios.
  • Numerous and specialized staff to teach, tend, coach and monitor the pupils. As those will be few in each class (18 to 20), the staff will be able to give special attention to each child. Among its specialized staff, the school has its own physician, nurse, psychologist dietician, computer engineer, etc.